former Arab president describes UAE as “virus”

23 مايو 2019
former Arab president describes UAE as “virus”
عدن نيوز - Aden news :

A former Arab president described the UAE as a virus that tries  to destroy Arab experiences, indicating its subversive interventions and leaders counter-revolutions to thwart the revolutions of the Arab Spring.

The former Tunisian president, “Monsef Al-Marzouki,” warned of the dangers of external interventions to sabotage the democratic experiment in his country and the Arab countries, calling especially the UAE as a “virus”.
Explaining that “there is a difference between extending a helping hand and trying to sabotage Tunisia.”
For his part, the head of the movement, “Wafa”, Abdel Raouf Ayadi, said “The head of the Electoral Commission Shafiq Sersar previously stated at a meeting of lawyers on the entry of large funds to create a hybrid political scene, through the box and the elections.
“the circumvent that happened on the Tunisian revolution was local and international to create an abnormal scene, with foreign and Emirati agendas, which resulted in an entity that does not look like Tunisians,” Ayadi said.