UAE did not supply Aden power station with 100 MW of electricity

13 June 2019
UAE did not supply Aden power station with 100 MW of electricity

عدن نيوز - Aden News:

Local sources at the Aden Electricity Corporation revealed the truth about the UAE claim that it supplied Aden power station with 100 MW of electricity.

The sources said in a statement to “Aden News” that the Corporation did not sign any agreement with the Emiratis to finance the station by 100 MW, as was claimed.

The sources added that there is no new electricity provided by the UAE and all it provided is just one turbine at Al-Haswa station. it had arrived months ago and was unable to run the electricity institution as it was out of service. Noting that the turbine was among the generators of the power station of the Emirate of Fujairah.

The sources said that the ministry’s leadership was informed at that time that they would not be able to operate the turbine because of its dilapidated state, and it cannot be relied upon because its spare parts are Ukrainian-made and the manufacturer has stopped manufacturing.

It is worth mentioning that the turbine was thrown in Al-Haswa station because it is unusable.

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