Bahah.. the godfather of corruption stands behind the dubious “gas” deal

2 June، 2019 3:38 PM
Bahah.. the godfather of corruption stands behind the dubious “gas” deal

عدن نيوز - Aden News:

The Yemeni Comedian Mohammed al-Ruba launched a scathing attack against former Prime Minister Khalid Mahfouz Bahah, recalling his key role in the dubious deal: the deal to sell natural liquefied gas abroad.

Bahah was the minister of oil and minerals in the government of Dr Mojawar before the outbreak of the youth revolution in 2011. He is considered the godfather of the dubious agreement to sell Yemeni gas to South Korea in 2006. Korea obtained with the agreement large amounts of gas at a price of 3 dollars per million thermal units.

This is less than the average global price of gas, which is $ 12 per million thermal units, so the difference is $ 9, equivalent to 4500 riyals at the dollar exchange rate these days.
According to international reports, the losses of Yemen will reach about 60 billion dollars within twenty years since the date of signing the deal, which is a huge number, which could transfer Yemen forward and eliminate poverty completely.

To gauge the scale of this disaster, Yemen, the exporter of gas, receives annually $ 50 million from the deal, while Korea which imports the gas receives $ 2 billion annually.

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