Official security apparatuses in Shabwa reject the Shabwani’ ban

28 May، 2019 2:36 AM
Official security apparatuses in Shabwa reject the Shabwani’ ban

عدن نيوز - Aden News:

A security source in Shabwa province expressed his surprise by the issuance of a circular by the Shabwani elite forces to “ban the security and military leaders and soldiers of the legitimate forces from taking up arms in the city of Ataq”, as well as cancelling the licenses issued by the security leadership.

The source said: We are surprised that the elite issued this circular, which prevents members of the army and security from taking up arms, while we see militias that do not follow any military bodies roaming in the streets and holding weapons in the city.

The source pointed out that this circular is part of a plan by the parties financing the Shabawni elite to limit and marginalize the role of the security and military services in the governorate, in try to weaken them.

The source pointed out that the security services reject this statement and do not accept it and consider it as interference in its powers and functions and does not serve security and stability in the province.

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