Head of Islamic Consultative Council: UAE is the enemy of Islam

28 May 2019
Head of Islamic Consultative Council: UAE is the enemy of Islam

عدن نيوز - Aden News:

The head of the Islamic Consultative Council of Switzerland, Abdullah Nicholas, revealed new details about the role played by the UAE in inciting against Islam and Muslims in Europe.

In an interview on Al-Jazeera two days ago, Nicolas said there were Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, inciting against Muslims and giving information to anti-Muslim political parties.

He said that there is a battle in some Arab countries related to political Islam, which has been classified as “terrorism” as happened in the UAE and Egypt for example.
Pointing out that what is happening now in the Arab countries is closely linked with what is happening in Europe.

“For example, the UAE is monitoring information about Islamists and inciting European governments against them.

In response to the question: “Why does the UAE support any political party that is against Islam and Muslims?” He said: “Because there is now an orientation that is intended to force the Muslims to stop their adherence to this great religion.”

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