HBO: Emirates, elite forces commit wide violations against civilians

28 February 2019
HBO: Emirates, elite forces commit wide violations against civilians

A Western news network attacked the United Arab Emirates, accusing it of committing numerous abuses against citizens.

The US-based HBO network said the forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates had carried out numerous attacks on a number of al-Qaeda suspected areas, and had destroyed homes and killed civilians just because they were suspected of belonging to al Qaeda.

The correspondent of the channel met with a number of citizens in areas where the elite forces backed by the UAE military attacks and blew up many houses and shops, and told citizens that the elite soldiers denied they killed any civilian or any non-Al Qaeda belonging.

However, citizens in the region lied to the story, asserting that many civilians, including women and children, were killed during raids and artillery shelling by elite forces, in parallel to air strikes carried out by the UAE Air Force.

Western channel confirmed that the brutal campaign against civilians by the forces loyal to the UAE may push citizens to join the ranks of al-Qaeda in retaliation.

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