Al-Hassani calls UAE officials for a TV debate!

7 February 2019
Al-Hassani calls UAE officials for a TV debate!

عدن نيوز - Aden News:

The leader of the southern resistance, Adel al-Hassani, and the former detainee in the UAE prisons called on UAE officers to a television debate.

Al-Hassani said that he is ready to meet with them on any channel of their choice or on their official channel, Abu Dhabi TV, to discuss the secret prisons they run, and the terrorist militias they form and support in the southern provinces.

“In this debate, I aim to prove the involvement of the UAE forces and their militias in the killing and torture of many hidden Yemenis in secret prisons,” al-Hassani said in a video watched by “Aden News”.

“we wish they had used the money they pay to the out-of-state militias, to carrying out vital projects that benefit the citizen.. we wish they had participated in reconstruction operations of war-ravaged Aden,” he said, referring to abuses by the UAE in the south.

“Citizens in the south have realized the Emirati plot and have learned the lesson and understood the plan that is now taking place against the southern provinces,” he said.

He added: Decisive Storm military operation launched to achieve one goal, which is to eliminate Houthi. But the UAE has deviated from this basic goal, and instead of eliminating one militia, Abu Dhabi has formed dozens of out-of-state militias.

“They do not want to defeat Houthi, they are trying to control Yemeni ports, airports and cities.

Al-Hassani said the UAE is fishing huge quantities of fish in the Yemeni seas and that the UAE is controlling oil and gas companies in Shabwa.
Stressing that these actions are only a full-fledged occupation.

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