local resistance leader identifies the man-in-charge for assassinations in Aden

8 December 2018
local resistance leader identifies the man-in-charge for assassinations in Aden

After “Aden News” website earlier published several reports and information related to the first man in response for the assassinations operations in the temporary capital Aden, a senior leader in the so-called southern resistance confirmed the identity of the chief responsible for carrying out the secret assassinations in the city of Aden and the southern provinces.

The leader of the so-called southern resistance and former detainee Adel al-Hassani said that the chief who responsible for the file of assassinations in Aden, is an officer in the UAE forces, named Abu Khalifa Saeed al-Muhairi.

He explained that al-Muhairi, who holds the rank “major” in Emirati army, and currently works as the intelligence officer of the command of the UAE forces in Aden.

The site of the newspaper “BuzzFeed News” in October last year, the involvement of the UAE in the crimes of assassinations in the southern provinces, through US soldiers and mercenaries.

According to a newspaper report, “Buzzfeed” revealed that the UAE has leased the US company “Operation Spire Group” to carry out the assassination in the southern city of Aden.

Stressing the assassinations that affected the military and security leaders and imams, political and partisan leaders in the city of Aden, was carried out by those soldiers who were protected by American armored vehicles owned by the UAE occupation forces in various southern provinces.

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