Al-Jubwani: “Transitional” acts ” are reckless and childish” and no one could overthrow “Legitimate”

7 November 2018
Al-Jubwani: “Transitional” acts ” are reckless and childish” and no one could overthrow “Legitimate”

عدن نيوز - خاص:

Minister of Transport Saleh al-Jubwani described the actions of the militias of the so-called “transitional council” against the people of the southern regions as “reckless and childish acts.”

Al-Jubwani said in T.V interview with by the Balqis channel that the “Transfer” led his supporters to carry out murder operations of “soldiers without any guilt, whose their salaries do not reach to them on time,” he said.

He pointed out that what he called “brothers in the transitional did not benefit from past experiences and did not understand the lesson from what happened,” noting on the inability to overthrow the legitimacy, no matter how they tried because the legitimacy is the representative of the people and in this case they will face the people of all spectrums.

He noted that the citizens of Aden will not stand idly by this time if clashes raised, and that the scenes of bloodshed that spilled last January will force them to take up arms in defense for their honor and themselves and support the legitimacy against the forces outside the law.

Al-Jubwani appreciated Saudi Arabia’s role in containing the dangerous escalation of the transitional council last October, which limited the explosion of the situation and igniting a civil war whose consequences is unpredictable.

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