UAE is leading a plan to end the government’s military presence in Hadramout valley

28 September 2018
UAE is leading a plan to end the government’s military presence in Hadramout valley

عدن نيوز - خاص:

The United Arab Emirates is recently trying to “strengthen” its influence in liberated areas and governorates, which are still outside the control of Abu Dhabi until now.

While the Emirates Authority has reached many areas in Yemen, such as Aden, Shabwa and Dhala, and Coast of Hadramout, but other areas such as Hadramout Valley is still outside the UAE hands.

In this regard, informed sources told (Aden News) that a private UAE plane, took the agent of Hadramout province, Essam Habrish Alkathiri to Abu Dhabi, on Wednesday.

A private UAE plane landed at Sayoun International Airport in Wadi Hadramout on Wednesday morning and left an hour after landing, the sources said.

The sources at Sayoun International Airport and close to the governor of Hadramout province for the directorates of Hadramout valley and the desert, Essam Habreish al-Kathiri told “Aden News” that the agent al-Kathiri went to Abu Dhabi with his special secretary.

The sources revealed the existence of arr”arrangements led by agent al-Kathiri for the establishment of elite forces in Hadramout valley to replace the forces of the first military zone, which are under the control of the legitimate authorities.

Sources close to Hadramout valley agent Essam al-Kathiri told the “Aden News” earlier that he had received an official invitation from the commander of the UAE forces at Al-Rayyan airport in Mukalla to visit the UAE capital Abu Dhabi to meet with “high-level” officials in the UAE.

According to information, there are indications that the appointment of al-Kathiri as governor of Hadramout is imminent, due to contentions with the current governor of Hadramout Faraj al-Buhsuni.

But the sources stressed that the most important thing that will be discussed in the visit will be “the practical start in the process of deployment of the elite forces in the Hadramout Valley, especially as Alkatiri is now registering thousands of young of tribes in Hadramout, under the pretext of recruitment in the forces of Hadramout.

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