The “Giants” forces slap the leaders of “Southern Transitional Council”

محرر 116 September 2018
The “Giants” forces slap the leaders of “Southern Transitional Council”

The “Giants” brigades of the National Army said that the claims of the leaders of the so-called “Southern Transition Council”, that there is a link between the brigades and the Council, were is just a lie.

The Brigades said in a series of tweets, it is a government brigades under the administration of President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi, and the support of the Arab Alliance.

“The brigades of the Giants, led by the Commander-in-Chief of the West Coast battle, Abu Zara’ah al-Mahrami, and his companion Hamdi Shukri, supported by the UAE armed forces, are fighting under the flag of Yemeni legitimate, represented by President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi, and operating within the support of coalition forces.

“We appreciate the positions and the role of our brothers in the (Republic Guards) forces, said the “Giants”.

They also said: “It is not correct what is being published by some media outlets about the presence of forces that follows the transitional council in the process of liberating Hodeidah. There are only two types of forces to accomplish this mission: the “Giants” forces who fight the battles against houthi rebels, and the forces of “Republic guards”, who secure the areas after the liberation.

“We warn against dealing with such fake news aims to steal the struggles and sacrifices of others. We will make videos and statements that deny lies.” Giants added.

Hani bin Brik and the leaders of the Southern Transitional Council and their media have intensified their media coverage claiming that the brigades of “Giants” are a part of the council, in conjunction with the victories achieved by these forces along with other government forces in Hodeidah.

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