Hani Bin Brek abandons on the Salafis sect.

29 December 2019
Hani Bin Brek abandons on the Salafis sect.
عدن نيوز – Aden News :

The leader of the Southern Transitional Council STC, “Hani bin Brik”, said that he does not represent the Salafists anymore, and he does not like to be called a Salafi by anyone, following a campaign on the social meadia that mocked his presence in a dance concert in France.

Ben Brik added in a tweet on his account on Twitter: “After I held national responsibility and and took place in the leadership of the STC, I do not like anyone to call me (the Salafi) anymore.”

He continued: “I do not represent the Salafis or any current affiliated with the religious sects, I am a representative of all my people.”

Ben Brik described himself as “a man who aspires to restore his homeland, liberation and independence on the foundations of the modern state.”

Ben Brik was widely criticized after appearing at a concert held by the southern community in France.