Releasing of Saudi diplomat kidnapper after the “Transitional” insisted on it

30 May 2019
Releasing of Saudi diplomat kidnapper after the “Transitional” insisted on it
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

Informed sources in the interim capital Aden said that the security authorities released an accused of kidnapping the deputy Saudi consul in Aden Abdullah Al-Khalidi, during the recent prisoner exchange deal between the Houthi group and the southern resistance.

According to the site of “Mansheet” Saleh Mohsen bin Qadish Al-Yafei, known as “Nader Mogadishu,” accused of several terrorist cases, including the abduction of “Abdullah Al-Khaldi,” the Saudi consul in Yemen in March 2012 and then handing him over to al Qaeda, has been released recently, after insistence from leaders in the transitional council.
The sources pointed out that Yafei was not included in the prisoners’ deal and was later replaced.

The criminal prosecution had referred Saleh Yafei to trial after his confession during the investigation in early in 2015 on charges of kidnapping the Saudi diplomat, after his arrest in August 2013 by the security of Aden.

The sources pointed out that Saleh al-Yafei was the leader of the southern movement cell that carried out the kidnapping of the Saudi diplomat, after he theft his personal car in January 2012.

“Yemeni Monitor” website quoted a security source as saying that a cell of five members of the southern movement which had received high training in southern Lebanon under the supervision of Iranian intelligence, had kidnapped Saudi Deputy Consul Abdullah al-Khalidi and handed him over to al-Qaeda for $ 3 million.