Emirati academic attacks Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Al-Meissari

7 May 2019
Emirati academic attacks Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Al-Meissari
عدن نيوز – Aden News :

An Emirati academic attacked Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed al-Meissari and described him as ungrateful.

“the less thing to say is that the Yemeni minister is ungrateful and seeks to weaken the coalition, although he lives in his protection,” said UAE academic Abdul Khaliq Abdullah in a tweet on Twitter.

Abdul Khaliq Abdullah tweet came after the hard criticism of Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maisari to the Arab coalition about its administrations to all liberated areas in Yemen.

“Perhaps it is best for him to live in humiliation under the al-Huthi group,” he said. “This is not the first time that he has attacked those who are doing what is noble for defending the legitimacy and helping the Yemeni people.”

“There are limits for our patience,” he concluded.

“The program that we had agreed about with the coalition was to progress towards the north to free the areas from the control of the Huthis, not to go to the east (areas under the control of the government),” al-Meissari said during a consultative meeting held in Aden.

He added: “The partnership with the coalition countries came in the context of the war against the Houthi coup, not the partnership in the management of liberated provinces.”