UAE-backed separatists in Aden move Dr. Alqubati to Abu Dhabi for torture despite his health condition

27 October 2020
UAE-backed separatists in Aden move Dr. Alqubati to Abu Dhabi for torture despite his health condition
عدن نيوز - AdenNews :

Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms said, on Saturday, that the UAE-backed Transitional Council militia had transferred the kidnapped doctor, “Taher Abdullah Abdul-Jabbar Al-Qubati,” from Aden to Abu Dhabi, to complete the investigation with him.

Al-Qubati is an academic with a doctorate degree in analytical chemistry with distinction, on the environmental situation of heavy elements and their impact on humans in the city of Aden, and he is an assistant professor of analytical chemistry, a member of the faculty at Sabir College, and head of the scientific office of the chemistry department there.

The organization added in a statement, “The continued disappearance of Abdul Jabbar (47 years) by the transitional council forces controlling Aden raises fears for his life in light of speculations of being subjected to severe torture that made him lose the ability to speak and move.”

The statement clarified that Al-Qubati was placed in the “Tawahi” prison of the UAE, noting that “since the arrest of Dr. Al-Qubati in August, his family has not been allowed to visit him or check on his health.”

The statement affirmed that “Al-Qubati was subjected to severe torture in Al-Tawahi prison, where he was placed in a private solitary confinement cell called Al-Daghatah (Emirati), an area of half a meter, and he was forbidden to make any contact or visit. He was then taken outside Yemen, and it is widely believed that he was taken to the United Arab Emirates to complete the investigation with him.

Sam called on “the transitional militia and the local authorities in Aden governorate to immediately disclose the fate of Dr. Al-Qubati and to allow his family to visit him and check on his health”.

The Emirati-backed Transitional Militia kidnapped Dr. Al-Qabati on July 20, 2020 from Al-Alam checkpoint, the eastern entrance to the temporary capital of Aden, while he was returning from the city of Seiyun in Hadramawt with his wife, and he was taken to an unknown location, and charged with plotting a coup.