Amnesty: MBZ refuses to reply on our messages about brutal crimes in yemen

2 July 2020
Amnesty: MBZ refuses to reply on our messages about brutal crimes in yemen
عدن نيوز – Aden News :

An international organization revealed on Wednesday, the UAE’s refusal to respond to its comment-demand messages about crimes in Yemen.

Amnesty said in a brief statement that it had sent several messages to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, regarding violations committed by Emirati forces in Yemen, which he did not respond to.

The organization published pictures of messages that were returned to the sender because the message could not be delivered .. it said that this message is one of many messages addressed to Mohamed bin Zayed ..

Amnesty added, “The UAE is a country closed to the public, citizens and foreigners.”

“The UAE has not responded to any of Amnesty International’s official correspondence for years, both those calling for stopping the killing of civilians in Yemen or those requesting an official comment on the findings of our research before publication,” the international organization stressed.

In its statement, the organization concluded, “The refusal to communicate continues. These are not the features of an open country.”

Reports, international investigations and human rights organizations revealed Emirati secret prisons and detention centers in southern Yemen, in which they committed brutal crimes against detainees .

International reports also revealed that the UAE had recruited American mercenaries through an Israeli company that carried out assassinations against politicians, military leaders, security officials, party leaders and religious leaders in the temporary capital of Aden.