UAE deploys tanks on the entrances of Aden province

22 يونيو 2019
UAE deploys tanks on the entrances of Aden province
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

A Yemeni official has revealed that militias supported by the UAE deployed tanks in the entrances of the southern city of Aden.

The source said on Thursday evening that the UAE forces and the militias backed by them deployed tanks at the entrances to the city of Aden, which is taken by the government as the headquarters.

According to the Yemeni official source, the city of Aden is witnessing circumstances of the very complex and dangerous, and this move has raised questions about the motives.

The source pointed out that the UAE tanks deployed were in a combat situation, raising doubts about a military move coming in Aden.

He said that the sites where the UAE forces and their loyal militias were deployed are the “Al-Majary tour” and “Al Masabeen” area and “Dar Sa’ad” (the entrance to the city of Aden from the province of Lahj).

The moves coincided with a military escalation led by the UAE and its separatist allies against the government authorities in the provinces of the island of Socotra and Shabwa (south and south-east Yemen), which led to clashes with government forces, raising widespread resentment among citizens who accused Abu Dhabi of implementing a coup against legitimacy there.