smuggled drones, missiles heading from separatist to the Houthis were captured

22 يونيو 2019
شحنة طائرات مسيرة كانت في طريقها للحوثي (ارشيفية)
شحنة طائرات مسيرة كانت في طريقها للحوثي (ارشيفية)
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

Security sources said that the security of Al-Jouf province arrested a car loaded with marching aircraft and missiles were on board and on its way from southern Yemen to the Houthis.

The sources added that the security men found with the driver a pass permit from the security points issued by the support and backup brigade led by Abu al-Yamamah loyal to the UAE.

The sources pointed out that the arrested were delivered to the Arab coalition forces in Al-Jawf province.