Ben Daghr warns coalition: you are the next in partitioning process

21 يونيو 2019
Ben Daghr warns coalition: you are the next in partitioning process
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

Former Prime Minister Dr Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr wrote angry messages to Gulf states participating in the coalition, saying their goals in Yemen “have changed”.

He thanked Saudi Arabia for supporting the “legitimacy” and the Saudi leaders who took the initiative to counter the coup. Ben Daghr said the majority of Yemenis are very angry about the division policies being practised by some, in reference to the UAE.

“They support the partition plan without thinking or considering the interests and feelings of the Yemeni people and their right to preserve their unity and sovereignty on their land, ignoring at the same time the interests and security of the nation,” he said in his Facebook page. This destructive behaviour is not accepted by the majority of Yemenis and will not be accepted by all Arabs. ”

Ben Daghr implicitly attacked the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia’s main partner in the Arab alliance, and said that its sacrifices were evident in Aden, Mukalla and Tihama, afterthought “Today it is no secret that your goals in Yemen have changed, and the Houthis are no longer in this confrontation in Yemen except as a tactic of mixing the papers and passing the partitioning project and confronting Iran’s plans to dominate the region by taking control of parts of Yemen dose not matter to you anymore.”

He added: “This way of thinking involves a great deal of naivety, and Yemen is only the first step, and you are next in the general partitioning scheme,”.

Ben Dagher also talked about the recent confrontations in Socotra and Shabwah by gunmen supported by UAE tried to gain some land by force “Today, we witnessed bloodshed in Socotra, Shabwah and Aden, and tomorrow will be in Abyan, Lahaj, Hadramawt, and Al-Mahra, to extend to the rest of the country’s provinces,” .

“The Yemeni people should not be silent and leave things to others to decide the fate of the country,” he said, adding that “there is nothing left for us to wait for but a wild, rebellious and patriotic feeling that rejects and rebels on such thing, emanating from the ranks of loyal patriots who love their homeland, who reject the defeat before the Houthis, and reject the division , this coincides with the return to the origin and essence of storm of firmness, which we missed its first momentum and its ultimate goal, and the direction of its leaders, who were still the hope of the Yemenis and the hope of the Arab nation. Yemen is a unified federal state with a vested interest in Yemen and a great interest for the Arab nation. ”

In an article, Ben-Funk pointed to the seriousness of the Division project supported by the UAE (without calling it), the first results of which began to show “an Iranian state of loyalty, approach and purpose in northern Yemen, and a weak state or small States deprived of will and dignity in the south of Yemen “.

Ben Daghr post came in conjunction with a severe outrage, comes from the escalation of forces loyal to the UAE in Socotra and Shabwah, and through armed confrontation, control over the remaining state, government and local authority institutions.

It also coincides with increasing official and popular demands to stop the UAE’s practices in Yemen, end its participation in the Arab coalition, and take official and announced positions that expose the UAE’s actions and expose it to public opinion.