warnings of civil war in Aden led by UAE proxies

12 يونيو 2019
warnings of civil war in Aden led by UAE proxies
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

Sources in the city of Aden warned of the possibility of a violent civil war inside the city due to many mistakes and abuses committed by the UAE-backed security forces.
Fathi Ben Lazrak said that Aden may witness major popular protests against the ruling authorities and that the UAE mercenaries in Aden have only to build new prisons that accommodate the new detainees, who reject the current situation in Aden.

Observers believe that the security situation in the interim capital is close to explode after calls for integrating the Transitional Council with the General People’s Congress party, which caused the growing differences between the leaders of the Council.

A leader in the transitional council said that the Council is in a state of confusion and only raise fake slogans about the southern issue, without taking into account the problems of people in Aden.

The leader of the transitional council referred to the large-scale recruitment led by the “transitional” in Aden and the rest of the southern provinces, which seeks to form militias, in order to detonate a civil war similar to the war in January 1986.

Adding that the revenge’ calls and the hatred in the hearts of UAE mercenaries in Aden and their ambitions to seize power and wealth could ignite a catastrophic civil war.