Commander of the first military region vows to destroy all plots in the Hadramawt Valley

1 يونيو 2019
Commander of the first military region vows to destroy all plots in the Hadramawt Valley
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

The commander of the first military region said that the armed forces will be on the lookout for all hands that will try to tamper with and disrupt security in the Hadramawt Valley.

Maj. Gen. Saleh Mohammed Temis said: “The members and officers of the first military region will be the rock on which all plots are shattered in defence of federal Yemen”.

The military region is headquartered in the capital of Hadramawt and its zone runs throughout the valley and desert directorates and al-Mahara Province in eastern Yemen.

This is the first response of the Government’s (recognized) army to the threat launched by the president of the Southern Transitional Council, the pro-UAE, Aydaroos Zubaidi, about two weeks ago, by expelling the forces of the first military region of the Hadramawt Valley and pledging to liberate the valley described by the occupied.

The government has not issued any official response to Al-Zubaidi’s threats, nor has it taken any action regarding its announcement of the formation of separatist military hubs and a single operating room, including security and military formations loyal to the UAE in the southern regions.

He called on the citizens of the Hadramawt valley to be assured about stability and security, pointing to the arrival of passengers from all governorates of Yemen to Seiyun airport, which works on a daily basis.

The calls of the UAE loyalists to liberate the Hadramawt valley, expel the pro-government forces from Seiyun, began and escalated in conjunction with the House of Representatives in mid-April, with the protection of the region’s forces and Saudi forces.

The southern transition strengthens its control through trained forces from Abu Dhabi on most of the liberated areas in southern Yemen, with the exception of Hadramawt Valley, and Socotra Archipelago province.