Socotra local leadership rejects any UAE-backed armed formations in the island

28 مايو 2019
Socotra local leadership rejects any UAE-backed armed formations in the island
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

The local authority in the Socotra Archipelago confirmed its rejection to any military and security formations that are not subject to the legitimate authority and considered it a reflection of the stability of society and a threat to the safety and security of citizens in the governorate.

The meeting of the Executive Office discussed on Sunday, headed by Archipelago governor Ramzi Mahrous, the issues related to maintaining security and stability of the province and reviewed the reports submitted by the committees formed to control prices in the province and the progress of performance and accomplishments achieved and difficulties encountered the work process and proposals to overcome.

The meeting renewed the rejection of the sons of Socotra and its local authority, any form of security or military or armed gangs or elites outside the official state institutions.

From time to time, the Governor of Socotra renews the rejection of any security and military formations outside the legitimate state institution in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

The crisis has escalated between the local authority and the United Arab Emirates and its Transitional Council following the arrival of nearly 100 recruits from training camps in the UAE and Aden.

The Yemeni government accuses the UAE of seeking to establish security structures in Socotra, against the legitimacy of the state to impose its security and military control over the province, as is the case in Aden and most liberated areas in southern Yemen.