Abu Abbas gunmen perform the Houthi scream (Video)

28 أبريل 2019
Abu Abbas gunmen perform the Houthi scream (Video)

The hidden intentions were revealed in a way no one expected in the city of Taiz, west of Yemen after the terrorist gunmen of Abu Abbas shout slogans exposed the fact of the relations between the group and the Houthi militias in Sanaa.

Activists shared a video documenting the departure of all Abu Abbas militants from the city of Taiz to the front of Al-Kadaha after an agreement which was signed with the local authority in Taiz on Friday.

The video shows gunmen from the Abu Abbas Brigades performing the so-called “Houthi Scream”, while one of the gunmen says: The state of Abu Abbas will remain.

Activists said that these slogans confirm the fact of plots were being planned in secret by the UAE against Taiz and its residents, through bringing terrorist groups in collusion with the Houthis, claiming to be supporting the state and legitimacy, but they revealed their real face once they were forced to move out of the city.