Al-Zubaidi: there are no UAE secret detention centers in south

9 أبريل 2019
عيدروس الزبيدي .. وهاني بن بريك
عيدروس الزبيدي .. وهاني بن بريك
عدن نيوز - Aden News :


The head of the so-called southern transitional council, Aidaros Al-Zubaidi, said the southerners did not demand secession but called for the restoration of their country, “that had a seat in the United Nations,” as he described.


Al- Zubaidi denied in an interview with the BBC that the UAE has secret prisons in Aden and the southern regions, claiming that the reports of international organizations on this issue are false.


Al-Zubaidi attacked the Reform Party, which stands beside President Hadi and the legitimate government, accusing him of failing to resolve the battles on the fronts he has been leading for more than four years.


Al-Zubaidi also defended the presence of UAE troops in Socotra, considering the granting of Emirati citizenships to the citizens of Socotra is a “natural” act.