UAE anger against “Legitimate” officials reaches the top levels

11 يناير 2019
UAE anger against “Legitimate” officials reaches the top levels

UAE anger against “Legitimate” officials reaches the top levels

عدن نيوز - Aden News :

The UAE is treating Yemeni officials in the legitimate authority with excessive rage and hostility without giving any reasons.


Abu Dhabi’s hostility against the officials of the legitimate authority came in various forms. Many of them were prevented from entering Yemen cities, especially Aden. UAE local proxies had held several officials for long hours at Aden airport – which is actually controlled by the UAE – and prevented other officials from passing through the security points to other areas. Moreover Emirati leaders banned recently two Yemeni officials from attending sports events held in UAE.


Perhaps the last chapter of the UAE aggressive attitude against the officials of the legitimacy is what the head of (Arab Judo Federation ” Noman Shaher” ) was subjected to.

Shaher was prevented by the authorities of Abu Dhabi from entering its territory to attend the meeting of Arab sports federations.


The Secretary-General of the Arab Sports Federations, Saud Al-Abdul Aziz, sent a complaint to the Secretary-General of the Arab Judo Federation, requesting the nomination of another candidate to attend the meeting, due to the rejection of Abu Dhabi authorities to give Shaher an entrance permission.


This came a few days after UAE officials refused to invite Yemeni sports minister Naif al-Bakri to attend the Asian Football Cup, held currently in the UAE, which the national team will participate in the championship for the first time in its history after Yemen’s unification in 1990.


The relationship between the leadership of Abu Dhabi and the leadership of legitimaate has been strained for the last three years, especially after the liberation of Aden from the Huthis in late 2015.

At that period, Emirati efforts raised to take control of Aden, in an attempt to ignore the role of legitimate authority.


The disputes reached their peak when UAE banned President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi from entering Aden for months. This situation aroused widespread local outrage before Saudi mediation broke the ban on the president.

Endless disputes

The insistence of (the legitimate) to take the full control and power in the liberated cities has sparked the anger of the UAE, which began to fight any features of the legitimate authority.


Among the officials in the legitimacy, former Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Dagr, was subjected to several attacks by the UAE or local forces loyal to it.


Throughout his work period as prime minister, Bin Dagr motorcade was attacked more than once by the UAE-backed security belt forces. He was also prevented from attending any festive event at national holidays.


Transport Minister Saleh al-Jubwani was subjected to similar attacks in February 2017, when the elite forces of Shabwa stopped the minister’s motorcade while he was trying to visit a port in Shabwa province, before he was forced to return to Ataq.


In last November, Sport Minister Nayif Al-Bakri faced a difficult days when Aden security authorities – under direct orders from Abu Dhabi –  prevented him from entering the city to attend his mother’s funeral ceremony.

In addition to the failed military coup led by UAE in early January last year against the legitimate.


Observers believe that the actions of UAE leadership towards officials in the legitimate are “provocative” and “hostile” acts.

They also believe that these acts have weakened the Legitimate military operations against the Houthi group.


While a large scale of Yemenis are demanding to stop the UAE intrusions in the local scene and to end its role in the Arab Coalition, after the major faults and “reckless” policies they implemented in the various cities they entered.



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