Due to houthi attack: a charred body of the Yemeni girl “Lyan” shocked all Yemen

6 يونيو 2021
الطفلة ليان طاهر
الطفلة ليان طاهر
عدن نيوز - AdenNews (AboZain)

A Yemeni girl died, and her charred body was found, as a result of Houthi targeting of a fuel station in the city of Ma’rib with a missile, followed by shooting from a drone.

The charred body of the little girl, Layan Taher Muhammad Ayed Farag, who is no more than 5 years old, was found charred as a result of the missile attack.

According to two tweeters on Twitter, Layan’s family had been displaced to Ma’rib, fleeing the fires of war in their country, which made their misfortune double.

A tweeter says that Layan was accompanied by her father in his car, while he was refueling, at the station that was destroyed by the missile attack.

Shocked tweeters shared a picture of the girl, a charred body as a result of the missile targeting.

Layan was not the only girl among the victims of Houthi targeting, as Marib Governorate confirmed injuries due to the missile’s fall.



In addition to Layan, the missile attack on a fuel station in Marib killed 13 civilians and wounded 5 others.

Local and medical sources told the Yemeni government’s “Saba” news agency that “the Houthi militia targeted the station while dozens of cars were waiting to get gasoline, which led to a massive fire.”

According to the agency, the fire killed 14 civilians, as well as burning 7 cars and two ambulances that had rushed to rescue the victims, after they were targeted by a booby-trapped plane launched by the militia minutes after the missile was launched.

The Director of the Human Rights Office in Marib Governorate, Abd Rabbo Jadee, denounced the “continued terrorist crimes committed by the Houthi coup militia against civilians and the displaced in the Ma’rib governorate deliberately and systematically,” stressing the need for the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene “to protect more than 3 Millions of displaced people and residents in Ma’rib Governorate from the terrorism of the coup militias and stopping their horrific crimes against them.