military leader calls to reassess the positions of political parties in Taiz

10 مارس 2020
military leader calls to reassess the positions of political parties in Taiz
عدن نيوز - Aden News :

A spokesman for Taiz’s military axis Colonel Abdel Baset Al-Bahr demanded to reassess the positions of political parties and end the duplication in dealing with public and crucial issues.

Al-Bahr indicated during a workshop held by the Voice of the Revolution Command Council in Taiz Governorate that the performance of some parties has become collision with the coups in the north and south.

He said, “The performance of parties that support legitimacy should be evaluated. What has each party presented to the battle of Taiz: in media, political, material, and logistical fields.. there must be an inventory of account.”

According to AlBahr, there are plans to drop the provinces from inside, as happened to Al-Jawf through unactivated cells that have been activated in a very dangerous and disturbing way, warning of a catastrophe in Taiz.

He stressed the need to confront the threat faced by Taiz and the rest of the provinces, calling on the legitimate government to allocate a portion of the local revenues to the fateful battle that the army and security are fighting.

He stressed the importance of society, authority and government realizing to the military decisiveness and its role in preserving the gains achieved by popular resistance and the national army.

Al-Bahar indicated that there are some imbalances within the army and that they must be addressed and corrected.

A spokesman for the Taiz axis stressed the need to isolate what he described as “traitorous leaderships” in Taiz.

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