Houthis information minister appears in Riyadh

محرر 111 November 2018
Houthis information minister appears in Riyadh

The Yemeni government announced on Saturday that the Minister of Information of the Government of the putschists in Sanaa (not recognized), Abdel Salam Jaber, would arrive in the Saudi capital of Riyadh after he defected from the al-Houthi group.

The Yemeni embassy in Riyadh has invited journalists and the media to attend a press conference to be held for the former minister of the Putschists ‘ government on Sunday, in which he will disclose the circumstances of his defection and travel from Sanaa to Riyadh.

Jaber arrived in Riyadh a few days before leaving Sanaa, and the circumstances of his departure from Sanaa and his paradox were not disclosed after he worked four years ago as a strong voice in support of the coup and the war waged by the al-Houthi group on Yemenis, in which the media received the most of the abuse.

Before the Houthis invaded the capital Sana’a and took power by force, Jaber presented himself with a media voice supporting what was then known as the Southern Movement, and founded a newspaper called the “Al-Qadhiah” as an expression of its specialization in defending the southern case that was later abandoned and became a defender of the al-Houthi group .

Earlier this year, he was appointed Minister of information in the government of the Houthi coup in Sana’a in amendments to their government.

Many of the officials who were part of the Houthi coup began to depart after they overturned their former president Saleh’s partner and killed him at his home in Sana’a, where many leaders considered that there was no place for partnership with a group that had been ravaged by its strongest allies at all.

In conjunction with the tightening of the Houthi militia and the departure of more areas under its control, Riyadh has seen dozens of dissident Parliament members and politicians arrive since the beginning of this year, and some have confessed to the president and the legitimate Government, while others have only supported the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and work against the Houthis under his umbrella.

The Houthi group did not comment until the moment on the news of the defection of the Minister of Information in her Government and his appearance in Riyadh.

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